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October 22, 2018

One of the key components of high school is the ability to make up points using extra credit. But should it really be available to students?

I believe students shouldn’t have the ability to get extra credit. If a student doesn’t put in the effort for a good grade the fi...

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A quick thank you to our supporters:


         I chose to be a part of the Lone Wolf News because I enjoy writing. As my second year in Journalism, I am the editor-in-chief and I am excited to write about all of the interesting things that will take place this year.

Kaitlin Graham

 editor in chief 

Monique Raven


Journalism became a huge part of my life starting Sophomore year. I chose Journalism so I could better improve my types of writing- from English Writing to Opinion Writing. I fell in love with the ability to express myself through writing and I’m glad I chose Journalism.

Jasslyn Fields

social media/ photography 

I chose journalism because I really enjoy writing. I’ve always been interested in reading and english itself so to have the chance to write my own work intrigued me.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t choose journalism my first year, it was just a class that I was put into. Getting to see what the class was about and learning all these new writing skills, however, made me want to stay in the class and continue to write. Journalism isn’t as popular as some other programs which makes it fun to be part of  such a good ‘behind the scenes’ kind of program. I thoroughly enjoy being in the class which is why I’ve decided to stay and progress my writing skills.

Tori bryson 
Alisa Pathammavong

layout expert 

I’m the layout designer of the newspaper and I frankly just enjoy my job because I don’t need to be social even if I am productive. I’m in Journalism this year because I want to further my writing and actually go outside my house instead of being the starfish underneath the rock that I am. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Go outside, drink water and stay healthy guys.

Allyson Lieber


I chose journalism because i enjoy to write things that are important for people to know about. I chose sports because i play a lot of sports and I know a lot about the rules and the game.

Ryane Blazzard


The reason I choose journalism was because I love to write and enjoy writing for the Newspaper. It’s also very fun to write about the different styles and tops of writing.

Kacy Rushing

Website design/features

I choose to take journalism because I love to write about things that are important to the world and me. I love to write my opinion and the class has made writing essays for english really easy.

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